Reaching Children with the Good News of Jesus
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What is a Good News Club?

Good News Clubs (GNCs) are a primary ministry of CEF in which specially trained volunteers meet with groups of children where they gather in schools, community centers, apartment complexes, homes or other venues. A GNC is an exciting fun-filled club that meets weekly for 60 - 90 minutes. Several GNCs in our area are currently meeting after school in public elementary schools throughout Knox, Jefferson, and Cocke Counties. CEF partners with local churches to "adopt a school" in their neighboring community in order to host a club and bring the gospel to many elementary age children. All children are welcome to join the clubs but they may only attend with parental permission.

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The Bible in the Public Schools?

Yes! The U.S. Supreme Court ruled in 2001 in Good News Clubs v. Milford Central School that Good News Clubs can meet in public schools after school hours on the same terms as other community groups. Public school Good News Clubs are an asset to schools and do not add any cost or liability to the school district. Children who wish to participate stay after school one hour per week and must have a signed parental permission slip. Parents and guardians arrange for transportation home.

How Can I Get Involved?

Volunteers Needed:

  • To pray with us
  • To lead or help in a Good News Club
  • To serve on the local committee
  • To work with QuickBooks
  • To ask your church to partner with us
  • To serve as a CEF ambassador and help us to get the word out
  • To host or co-host a small gathering of friends for an informational meeting about CEF
  • To give financial support

To learn more about our organization and the positions that are available, contact us.

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