What is a Good News Club (GNC)?

Good News Club is a ministry of Child Evangelism Fellowship in which trained teachers meet with groups of children in schools, homes, community centers, churches, apartment complexes, just about anywhere the children can easily and safely meet with their parent's permission. Each week the teacher presents an exciting Bible lesson using colorful materials from CEF Press. This action-packed time also includes songs, Scripture memory, a mission's story and review games or other activities focused on the lesson's theme.

As with all CEF ministries, the purpose of Good News Club is to evangelize boys and girls with the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ and establish (disciple) them in the Word of God and in a local church for Christian living.

Who sponsors GNC?

Typically local Bible believing churches will "adopt a school" somewhere nearby their location and in partnership with CEF, will sponsor the Club for that school.

What is taught in a Good News Club?

Each week an exciting Bible lesson using CEF materials is presented. This action-packed time also includes songs, Scripture memory, a mission's story and review games or other activities focused on the lesson's theme.

Each club includes a clear presentation of the Gospel and an opportunity for children to trust Jesus as Savior. Children are encouraged to attend a local church. Every club also includes strong discipleship training to build character and strengthen moral and spiritual growth. You can download a free sample lesson here.

When do they meet?

The GNCs that meet in the public schools meet one day per week for 60-90 minutes typically from September to April after children are dismissed from school. These clubs may be specifically referred to as "After School Good News Clubs"

Where do they meet?

The After School News Clubs meet at the public school. The space or room they meet in may be the library, art room, cafeteria or regular classroom depending on the particular school and what works best for all involved. Other GNCs may meet at other venues such as a community center, Boys & Girls Club, apartment complex, churches, homes, etc.

Who can come to a GNC?

All elementary aged boys & girls are welcome to attend club with parental permission regardless of race or religious background. Some clubs may opt to narrow their focus to be on older children (for example, 2nd - 5th graders) simply due to space limitations.

Is it legal and can we really teach the Bible in public schools?

Yes! The Gospel has been taught freely in public schools all over the world for some time. Now children in the U.S. have that opportunity too! In 2001 the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in Good News Clubs v. Milford Central School that Good News Clubs can meet in public schools in the United States after school hours on the same terms as other community groups. However, children may attend Good News Club only with their parents' permission.

How much does it cost?

There is no cost for the children attending the club. The church sponsor would provide the funds for the snacks, curriculum, and other materials to conduct the club. This cost may range from $1000-$1500 per year depending on the number of children enrolled and other factors.

Who teaches the club?

Christians who are concerned for boys and girls work together volunteering their time and energy to teach Good News Club. They are trained by Child Evangelism Fellowship to have a club that is exciting and informative so that children will want to keep coming. Teachers are asked to sign the CEF Statement of Faith and agree to abide by the policies of the organization. Adults working with the program are screened according to our Child Protection Policy.

Can a teacher legally participate in a GNC as a public school teacher?

Yes. Classroom teachers may also participate and teach in a GNC as long as it is after the end of their regular work duties and time frame.

Can a parent be involved?

Absolutely! Parents may visit a GNC and also become a volunteer by going through the same application and training process as any other volunteer. We welcome parents!

How do I start a GNC in my school?

Begin by praying! God will guide you as you then contact our local CEF director for more details. Typically the next step is to approach your pastor to see if they would be willing to have a brief meeting with our local director or other CEF representative to learn more about the program and how the church partnership works.

How does CEF receive funding?

CEF is a non-profit ministry that relies solely on the support of God's people, churches, and Christian business owners.

How do I volunteer to teach a GNC?

How else can I get involved?

In addition to helping in a GNC, volunteers are always needed:

To Pray With Us, to serve on the local committee, to ask your church to partner with us, to serve as a "CEF ambassador" and help get the word out, to host a small gathering to tell your friends about CEF and to give financial support. Donate There are numerous ways for you to help behind the scenes of this organization.

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