Craig Meredith, Director

Craig joined CEF Knoxville in January 2017. Previously he worked in technology sales. Craig has been married to his wife, Chris, for more than 30 years. They truly are best friends.

Chris is an RN and works for Covenant Health. They have two grown daughters who are married. They also are greatly enjoying being grandparents.

Craig is passionate about prayer, doing all of life intimately connected to God. He says, "God is at work weaving His story, and it is the hope and desire of CEF Knox and those we serve, serve with, partner with and minister to that they will learn how to pray as a child."

Read how God broke through to Craig about prayer, click here.

Becky Gagne, Part Time Administrative Assistant

Local Committee for CEF Knoxville:

The local CEF Committee is established as a committee of the state board (CEF of Tennessee) and is authorized to carry out the vision and programs of CEF within its geographic area. This area includes Knox County and the 8 counties surrounding it along with Cocke County. The local committee meets 9-10 times per year and provides accountability to the local director. The committee makes every effort to ensure that the ministry is conducted with the highest level of care given to the financial and legal policies and procedures, regulations and laws and abides by the state corporate bylaws. The local committee plays a vital role in carrying out the mission of CEF to reach children in our area with the Gospel message.

Amy Tjoa, Chairperson

Ed Way, Treasurer

Steve Young, Secretary

Mitch Townley

Linda Odle

Jim Odle

Gary Southers