Reaching children in your neighborhood for Christ and directing them into the local church.

Your church can Adopt-A-School through CEF's school district approved GOOD NEWS CLUB program. Evangelize, disciple and introduce children (and maybe even their entire family) to your church. This can be a tremendous outreach as members of your church volunteer as teachers, helpers and prayer partners. GOOD NEWS CLUBS meet once a week at local public elementary schools from September through April. Personal follow-up to children and their familes can increase your church growth and most importantly continue the growth of God's Kingdom and bring glory to his name.

CEF Provides:

  • Pre-approved elementary school locations
  • Training for all club volunteers
  • Teaching Materials
  • Program
  • Mentoring encouragement
  • Staff support
  • Follow-up helps and materials
  • Child Protection Screening
  • Liability insurance required by schools

Church Provides:

  • Team leader/administrative assistant
  • Teachers/support staff*
  • Prayer partners
  • Finances to facilitate the club
  • Snacks/refreshments
  • Follow-up of children/families
  • Church home for children

*All Good News Club teachers and helpers must...

  • Have CEF training
    • Procedures Workshop—2½ hours;
    • Good News Club Training—7 hours
  • Sign the Statement of Faith/Doctrinal Protection Policy
  • Complete confidential Child Protection Forms
  • Use the GNC format and material

The Need

Studies show that the older a child gets, the less likely he is to accept Jesus Christ as Savior. An overwhelming majority of Christians in America accepted Christ before the age of 14. Yet 80% of America's elementary aged children do not atend church or participate in any church program.

Who will reach these children for Christ and how will it be done?

The Opportunity

On June 11, 2001, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in a case involving CEF Good News Clubs that Christian organizations have as much right as any other community group to use public school facilities for voluntary after-school programs—even programs that teach the Bible!

The Good News Club Challenge is putting feet to this incredible opportunity to bring God's word back into the public schools of the United States.

The Solution

The Good News Club is a program that runs about an hour and a half right after school and is a place where the Word of God can be taught without reservation. During the club, children hear exciting Bible lessons, sing inspiring songs, memorize life-changing verses and play cool games. They are given a chance to respond to the Good News of Jesus Christ and encouraged to have a "quite time" with Him each day. This club is FREE, convenient and completely voluntary.

The Strategy

Stage One

The area team helps the church recruit the 8-10 volunteers needed for the Good News Club.

Stage Two

The area team assists the church in choosing and buildng a relationship with the public elementary school. Together they work out logistics for the club, connecting the church with the school for an effective relationship between them.

Stage Three

Workshop training is conducted that will set a standard of excellence and teach volunteers how to use the curriculum, resources, and the methodology that over 80 years of ministry experience has shown to be highly effective in evangelizing and discipling children.

Stage Four

The Good News Club begins and is continually evaluated by CEF in order to equip, train, and support the volunteers while maintaining a consistent relationship with the partnering church.